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by Hansa Dasgupta

Chloe refreshed her Facebook page for the nth time. Yes, finally a new message. OMG! She stared at her laptop in disbelief. OMG! OMG! OMG! He had replied. No way. Brad Rooney had replied.

She whooped with delight and almost fell off the bed. Brad Rooney, the famous TV star, the heartthrob of millions, had replied to her. How cool was that?

She reread the message. “Thanks Chloe.” Just two words. But the most mind-blowing words ever.

He had even written her name. He had actually gone through the trouble of punching out her whole name. It was a personal message, just for her.

And the emoticon at the end? What was that all about? He must have looked at her profile picture, found her cute, smiled and then typed the smiley. What if he had read on her timeline that she was an aspiring actor? And wanted to cast her in his next show?

Harper would be so jealous. She couldn’t wait to see her face when she showed her the message.

Still grinning, Chloe switched off the light and snuggled down under the duvet. She hugged her pillow and kissed it hard. “I love you, Brad,” she whispered.


Brad’s eyes began to droop as he continued punching keys on his smartphone.

Thanks Debbie

Thanks Poppy

Thanks Abigail

He yawned as he pressed a tab. What? Still 469 unread messages? Bollocks. This was boring. He’d have to have a word with his PR manager tomorrow. Switching off the phone, he went to sleep.

Hansa Dasgupta is a full-time mum and a part-time writer. She lives in London and writing is her passion.