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by Ryan Borchers

The walls said, We may cave in any second. I said, I guess that means the roof would go, too. The walls said, There’s a crack in us somewhere. A gremlin is whittling away at it with a hammer and chisel. I said, You’ve never lied to me before. The walls said, Think of everything the searchers will find stuck to your body. Imagine your collection of shark teeth embedded in your skin. I said, They’ll probably find me in a mitten of dust. The walls said, Fix us. I said, I don’t know how. The walls said, Pay someone to do it. I said, I don’t know anyone who can. The walls said, Then run away, as far as you are able. I said, I would never abandon you guys like that.

Ryan Borchers is a writer from Omaha, Nebraska, and holds an MFA in fiction writing from Creighton University. His work has been published by Prairie Schooner, Blue River, Omaha Magazine, The Cynic Online Magazine and other places. He is also the author of an unpublished novel titled Tranquility’s Broomballers. He can be found on Facebook and on Twitter, where his handle is @lochness11.