Ashley Bell — How I Wish

Giles Montgomery — The Boy on the Cliff

Donna L Greenwood — What She Sees When the Earth Moves


The Pushcart Prize 2019:

Nick Petty — The Empty Chamber

Matthew Licht — My Country

Paul Thompson — How to Pack a Suitcase with Zero Baggage

Howie Good — Languishment

Steven John — British Wildlife — 3rd Edition, Annotated

Mark Cooper — Light


Best Microfiction 2019:

Sharon Telfer — We’re Hearing Reports of an Incident in Amsterdam

Hema Nataraju — The Red Lamp of the Somme

Anne O’Leary — The Owl House

Karen Jones — How to Remove Blood Stains from Everyday Items


Best of the Net 2019:

Howie Good — Crucifixion Road

Charles Duffie — Angels


Best of the Net 2018:

Janice Leagra — Milestones

Meg Tuite — Once Upon an Echo


The Pushcart Prize 2018:

Hannah Gordon — The Last Boy

Rachael Smart — Y

Steve Passey — In the Ashes of This Empire

James Smart — Being Ahab

Janice Leagra — Milestones

Beau Johnson — My Kingdom for a Fence


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