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by J.R. Night

Grandpa’s mind started to go around December. It was the first time I heard of Daniel: how Daniel loved the cold, while Grandpa preferred the warm; how they used to wrestle until one day their lips brushed; how Daniel never forgave him after Grandpa beat him an inch from death to prove to his friends what he wasn’t.

Grandpa’s mind started to go around December. Mama’s and my name soon after. Grandma held on for a while. But Daniel, he stayed until the very end.

J.R. Night is a recent graduate from the University of Maryland with a degree in English Language and Literature. He likes to write, draw, and exercise, all of which leave him breathless and annoyed. You can find more of his work at The Dime Show Review, The Ogilvie, and his website: jrnighttales.com.